Car Service

Madaz qualified technicians can ensure that your car is reliable and safe.  It is important to look after your car with regular auto services and inspections.

We can help with the following types of services:-

Type of Service  What's Involved

 Log Book Service

For those vehicles under 7 years of age or those still following their log book service schedule.
Yearly Service
Routine Service recommended every 15,000km or annually 
Includes: Engine Oil, Oil Filter, Safety Inspection and Under Bonnet Check
3 Year Service
Servicing for the modern car including items only needed every 45,000km
Includes: Yearly Service items Plus Air Filter and Brake Fluid change.
6 Year Service
Extensive service recommended every 100,000km or if you've missed services
Includes: 3 Year Service items Plus Coolant, Spark Plugs and Fuel Filter Change.
Extensive Service ( 6 year +)
The most extensive and comprehensive service possible
Includes: 6 Year Service items Plus 3in1 Fuel Injection Service and Fuel tank treatment

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